The Science Behind BioVerity

BioVerity is based on the research learning and intellectual property resulting from 12 years of work by three McMaster University scientists at the forefront of aging research – Dr. David Rollo, Dr. Douglas Boreham and Dr. Jennifer Lemon.

The McMaster team has conducted pioneering research to address the five leading causes of aging: oxidative stress, insulin resistance, mitochondrial activity, inflammation and cellular membrane integrity. These researchers have developed a proprietary complex dietary formula of 31 food-based ingredients which impact these five factors. They conducted numerous rigorous scientific experiments on mice, invertebrates and insects to validate the findings across different species showing significant results. Various life-long studies on mice show the following results on the BioVerity formula:

• Extends life by 14% (normal mice) to 27% (fast aging mice)
• Retain 100% of cognitive capabilities until extreme old age versus a 50% decline for normal untreated animals
• Retain 95% of physical capabilities until extreme old age versus a 50% decline for normal untreated animals
• Reduction in arthritis and glaucoma by 10 times
• Prevent hair loss and hair greying in animals
• Retain a youthful appearance and sexual attractiveness until extreme old age
• Protection of DNA against damage from radiation
• Animals treated in mid-life showed improvement in cognition and physical activity and maintained the improvement until extreme old age
• Abolished cognitive decline in a mouse model for dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS and Parkinson’s.

The BioVerity product will be released for sale as a natural health product once human testing for tolerability is completed. Subsequent human testing to validate efficacy will be conducted. Areas where positive animal evidence have been observed are in the fields of cognition, treatment of dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, depression, radiation protection and traumatic brain injury. Several studies are currently being initiated with leading researchers and institutions to validate human results to treat these conditions using the BioVerity formula.

Recent Scientific Journal Publications

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