Supports Healthy Cognition, Vitality & Cellular Function

The BioVerity Product

BioVerity is a unique, proprietary complex dietary formula of 31 food-derived ingredients designed to support healthy cellular function and suppress the five leading causes of aging: oxidative stress, blood sugar metabolism, cellular energy decline, abnormal inflammation response and cellular wall damage. BioVerity is in its final stages of development and will be available for purchase in the near future pending final approvals. Further testing to validate efficacy in people for cognition, dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s and other health conditions is being planned. For additional information please sign up for more information.

Company Overview

BioVerity Inc. was formed to help people live a better quality of life as they age. This mission is made possible by the research learning and intellectual property resulting from 12 years of work by three McMaster University scientists at the forefront of aging research – Dr. David Rollo, Dr. Douglas Boreham and Dr. Jennifer Lemon.

BioVerity Benefits

Enhances memory and brain health
Optimizes mobility
Promotes joint health
Helps fight free radicals
Promotes cellular health

The BioVerity Difference

BioVerity is a leading formula of non-drug nutraceuticals focused on supporting the reduction of cellular degeneration that happens normally with aging. It is designed to focus on the preservation of quality of life and address neurological decline. BioVerity is an all in one formula offering a unique AM and PM combination of oral ingredients to address the needs of biological systems during rest and active phases of activity. BioVerity is based on several research studies and scientific evidence since 2003 by a team of world leading scientific researchers. Animal evidence has shown a significant ability to extend life while virtually eliminating mental and physical decline. All of the ingredients are individually approved for sale in the US and Canada.

BioVerity - Health & Longevity Formula

Latest News

Press Release – November 28, 2016

With the recently announced failure of Alzheimer’s drugs leaving dementia and Alzheimer’s patients with diminished hope, there is a viable Canadian solution that could be made available in months, not years. With proper funding, BioVerity Inc., is poised to launch human testing and produce a natural health product to address aging and cognitive decline within 6 to 7 months.

BioVerity Press Release

BioVerity Inc. is pleased to announce an exclusive collaborative research and license agreement with McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, to commercialize a complex dietary supplement aimed to ameliorate processes associated with aging. The formulation was developed by three McMaster University scientists – Dr. David Rollo, Dr. Douglas Boreham and Dr. Jennifer Lemon.

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